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Swim Safety You Control

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"I love the security of my Swim IT. It gives me peace of mind."
Dianna Shank

"I was swimming this morning with a training partner who became distressed and I was so thankful I had my Swim IT. I was able to swim over to her and inflate the jacket, get her to pull it over her head so she could relax and I could get her safely to shore."

"Great equipment (The Swim IT) for safety support in open water swims this can save someone else life until you can get them to shore! And to help! I have saved a few over the years and this would have been nice to have!"
Matthew Quinn

"The two hardest things to get past is the heart racing, making it hard to breathe, and the fear that if I do go under who is going to see me. The confidence Swim IT gives me has been enormous and the reason I can do triathlon! Not sure why anyone would open water swim without IT."
Diana Russell

The Swim It Testimonials

The Swim IT was directly responsible for 5 life saving rescues in the past 2 years.

"Swam with mine for the 1st time today, forgot it was on my leg in no time, but definitely gave me peace of mind."
Paul Shepard